Raghwendra Dey

A Tech Enthusiast, poet and a continuous learner

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Kharagpur, India


Python - Cpp - Javascript

Pytorch - Keras - Tensorflow

Deeplearning - Web Dev - Machine Learning


Hi, This is Raghwendra Dey. I am Pre-final year undergraduate of the department of Electrical Engg, IIT Kharagpur. My interests lies in Software Engg, Algorithms and Data Structures, Web Development, Deep Learning, Machine Learning... I am passionate about applying my knowledge of computer in solving real world problems, and change the world for good. I am a very good team player and a fast learner. Apart from these, I enjoy doing yoga, and am a great lover of hindi poetry.


Covid-19 Detection using Chest X-Ray Images

DL-based solution with transfer learning Resnet model for covid-19 detection using chest X-Ray images.


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Productivity Meter

A javascript based app to measure productivity by keeping track of small time wastage which generally goes un-noticed.


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Work Experience

Software Team Member

Aerial Robotics Kharagpur

  • Developed and Implemented various algorithms for efficient localization and Path planning of drones based on ROS (Robot Operating System).
  • Worked on various computer vision techniques for effective detection of shapes and features in an image.
  • Worked on various controllers for effective controlling of drones and obstacle avoidance.
  • Deployed an ORBSLAM2 based indoor localisation algorithm and realtime 3D mapping and object detection using stereo cameras.



Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.)

IIT Kharagpur

Major in Instrumentation Engg, with Minor in Computer Science Engg.